BSB: 923-100

Types of fees and charges

There are various types of fees and charges that can be charged on bank accounts and banks must provide information to their customers on these fees and charges.

While ING DIRECT doesn't charge any bank fees on our Savings Maximiser, Term Deposits or Business Optimiser, you might like to check out what some other banks are charging.

Monthly account keeping or service fee

The fee you pay for an organisation to manage your bank account. Generally runs anywhere from $3 to $7 per month ($36 - $84 annually).

Internet banking fee

A fee may be charged for doing transactions over the internet.

EFTPOS transaction fee

If you use your EFTPOS card, you may be charged for doing the transaction.

ATM transaction fee

When using your ATM card, you may be charged a fee if you exceed the number of transactions nominated for a particular timeframe (e.g. per month) on a particular account.

Non-bank or foreign ATM fee

If your bank owns an ATM network and you withdraw cash at an ATM that your bank doesn't own or is an overseas ATM, you may be charged $1.50 to $2.00 for this withdrawal.

Telephone banking transaction fee

If you use the telephone to do your transactions, be aware that this might cost you something for the withdrawal and/or deposit.

Branch withdrawal fee

Dealing with a person face-to-face can sometimes cost you money. Make sure you check if you are being charged extra.

Cheque withdrawal fee

A fee to produce a cheque is often charged. Find out how much this is before you need to do this so you are aware of this cost.

Dishonour fee

The fee you pay when the balance in your everyday transaction account goes below $0.00. Example: Your phone provider debits $150.00 for your monthly bill but you only have $100 in your account at the time. You may be charged anywhere from $30 to $50 by your bank.

Exceeding your credit limit fee

A fee may be debited from your credit card account every time you exceed your credit limit during a statement cycle e.g. $35 per statement cycle.

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