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Everyday Round Up

Everyday Round Up

Surprise savings when you spend

Switch it on

The savings game has changed

Say hello to ING Everyday Round Up – a new optional tool available through your Orange Everyday account that makes saving easy.

How it works

How it works

With Everyday Round Up, every eligible card purchase you make is rounded up to the nearest $1 or $5 and the extra amount is shifted to your savings.

1. Set it up

Everyday Round Up requires an Orange Everyday account for rounding up your card purchases and a Savings Maximiser to deposit your round ups.

2. Switch it on

Round ups can be set at $1 or $5 which you can switch on in your ING online banking or mobile app.

3. Save while you spend

By way of an example, if you’ve selected to round up to the nearest $5, we will debit the purchase amount of $3.50 to your Orange Everyday, and transfer $1.50 from your Orange Everyday to your selected Savings Maximiser.

A round up will apply:

When you use your card to make a purchase. This includes transactions made using Visa payWave, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

When you use your card details on file to make an online purchase.

A round up will not be debited if doing so would reduce your Orange Everyday balance below $20

How to switch it on

How to switch it on

Orange Everyday customers can switch on Everyday Round Up in a few clicks.

Here's how:
  1. Open an Orange Everyday account
  2. Log in to online banking
  3. Head to Manage accounts> Everyday round up
  4. Select the Orange Everyday account you want to use and the Savings Maximiser account you want to save to – then you’re done!
Mobile apps
Here's how:
  1. Log into the ING app on your mobile device
  2. Head to your Orange Everyday > Everyday Round Up
  3. Select the Orange Everyday account you want to use and the Savings Maximiser account you want to save to - then you're done!
Why round up?

Why round up?

Totally automatic

It’s the true set and forget approach to saving. Just switch it on using your Orange Everyday and watch the round ups go straight to your Savings Maximiser.

You choose

Everyday Round Up can be easily switched on or off as you need, with the savings available to transfer back should you need it.

Instant access

Need money in a hurry? You can access your round up amounts instantly with a funds transfer from your Savings Maximiser to your Orange Everyday.

What our customers are saying

What our customers say

“I’ve never been able to spare a few dollars to save, but this idea has made it so much easier for me as I don’t even have to think about it!! I have already saved over $15 in my first week.”

Rhys, NSW

“You don’t have to think about it, it’s done for you. A great automatic savings plan, that you don’t notice happening.”

Kris, NSW


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