Everyday Round Up

Rounding up to charity

Pay down faster

Making an impact is easier than ever

Remembering to give to charity can be difficult when juggling the day to day. But by rounding up your money to charity while you spend, ING Everyday Round Up can help you support a good cause with every tap.

Make more impact

100% of your donations goes to supporting a good cause.

Easy set-up

Set up in-app in a few easy steps and see your donations in the-app, online banking or via Orange Everyday statements.

Tax deductions

Your donations may be tax deductible, Please refer to the FAQs for more information or seek your independent tax advice.

How it works

How it works

ING has teamed up with Intelligent Foundation to deliver donations to other charities.

$4 purchase

Everyday Round Up to Charity applies to card purchases using your Orange Everyday bank account. You must opt in to Everyday Round Up to Charity and select the round up amount (nearest $1 or $5).

+$1 round up

When you spend with your Orange Everyday card, the Round Ups usually come out of your account in real time as you make card transactions and are non-refundable. ING will transfer the Round Up amounts to the Intelligent Foundation every two months, who will then disburse the aggregate funds they receive from customers to charities in their network.

Total $5

A round up won’t be debited if doing so will reduce your Orange Everyday balance below $20.


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