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Mobile Banking

Bank how you please

Secure and user-friendly mobile banking apps.

Mobile apps

Created with you in mind.


Helpful features

  • Siri balance

    Ask Siri “What’s my balance?”. You just need iOS11 and the latest ING app installed (with quick balance enabled).

  • Mobile payments

    Leave your wallet at home and pay the easy way with ING. Set up Apple Pay from the Wallet App on your Apple Device. And Android Pay at the Google Play Store. It’s fast, secure and convenient.

  • Security guarantee

    Mobile banking is covered by our online security guarantee.

  • Balance Quickview

    Choose to check the balances of favourite accounts without logging in.

  • Make transfers

    Pay anyone or transfer money between your accounts.

  • Card management

    Activate your cards and place them on or off hold.

  • Schedule payments

    Add, edit and cancel future-dated or recurring payments.

  • Notify

    Tell people via SMS or email that you've paid them.

  • Transaction history

    See transaction history for up to three years on transaction accounts and more.

  • Pay bills

    Pay bills and add new billers to your address book.


What our customers say about our apps

These are taken from the Apple and Google app stores.

  • (2,907 reviews)

    App Store review

  • Customer over 10 years

    15 Oct 2016 by Benni.Boi

    "I have been an ING customer for over 10 years, from close to when they began in everyday banking and I have NEVER had a problem with them, I have had their app since it was first released and from the start I have found it easy to use, easy to navigate and again have NEVER had a problem with it, with my savings account linked to my visa savings account and this app, I can transfer from my savings with high interest into my visa debit for use almost anywhere, anytime, with NO fee's (small overdrawn interest aside, my fault) EVER"

  • Awesome app

    13 Oct 2016 by Hatjdux

    "One of the best integrated banking apps for mobile that I have used. Combines well with fingerprint access, I can see transactions and make transfers easily. Better than those apps which are really a browser for a mobile website. Love it!"

  • Great app

    10 Oct 2016 by KeepOnMoving456

    "I don't usually write reviews but I thought this app deserves the time. I've been an ING customer for some time now and seen the app evolve from good to great. Keep up the great work ING. "

  • Great app

    22 Sep 2016 by Elkayg

    "Easy to use interface. Reliable, what more could you want in an app"

  • (5,067 reviews)

    Google Play review

  • Simple and all you need

    20 Oct 2016 by Lucas Boardman

    "Intuitive and easy"

  • Best banking app on the market

    20 Oct 2016 by Sean Chapman

    "A great combination of functionality and aesthetics."

  • Great

    17 Oct 2016 by MrPatrickRevuelta

    "Easy to navigate, no glitches. Love that I don't have to sign in to simply check my balance. Would like if app logs in once password has been entered without having to press 'log in'"

  • Happy camper

    16 Oct 2016 by Greg Molloy

    "Great app, does just what you need it to do. No fuss, nothing fancy; just a clean easy to use app."


Smartphone security

Simple tips to help you protect your device.

Protect your device

Set up a passcode for your device – nothing too obvious like your birthday or the name of your pet

Lock your device when finished using it

Don’t use your ING banking details in any apps besides ING Australia apps

Turn off bluetooth and wi-fi when not using them to prevent unauthorised access

Keep your device up to date with the latest security updates

If you lose your device, call us ASAP on 133 464

Log out of the app when done (we’ll automatically log you out after 8 minutes if you’re no longer using it)

Download an anti-theft app that can remotely wipe your phone (or find it) if it’s lost or stolen

ING Mobile Apps