Credit card for travel

Credit cards are a great companion for when you're travelling overseas. Whether you've already booked your trip or are about to, an Orange One credit card comes packed with features that could help you and your travel budget go further.

Australian credit cards all have global acceptance and can be used to shop overseas, book most hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues around the world. When choosing a credit card for travel, here are some features you should consider:

Annual fee - most credit cards with rewards and travel perks have higher annual fees, some worth $400 or more. Make sure you check the annual fee costs when choosing one that's right for you and weigh up the benefits.

International transaction fees - These fees can really add up! With fees of up to 3.6% of any purchase made overseas (that includes shopping on overseas websites), the added cost of international transaction fees when booking your travel like flights or accommodation (often on overseas websites) can hit hundreds of dollars fast. Not to mention the fees when paying for things overseas like shopping, eating, taxis and adventures. Orange One credit cards comes with $0 international transaction fees if you deposit at least $1,000 a month into your Orange Everyday and make 5+ card purchases that are settled (not pending) each month - potentially hundreds of dollars in savings for a credit card that comes with no annual fee!

Complimentary international travel insurance - using a credit card that includes this benefit can help you save on buying additional travel insurance cover. Travel insurance really is a necessity to pack when it comes to travelling. Not having it could cost you thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars if something unexpected were to happen, such as getting sick, injured or travel disruptions.

Be sure to do your own research when it comes to the level of cover you need when travelling. Compare your needs to inclusions that are included with your credit card travel insurance. The most important part of any travel insurance is that it meets your needs, and don't forget, be sure you are across what you need to do to be eligible for your credit card insurance - whether you have to make a minimum spend on your travel or activate it. We've pulled together a few points to consider when checking the cover is right for you:

Who is covered? Is it just for the primary cardholder, additional cardholders or family member?

What are the cover limits?

What are the excesses?

Are there any exclusions? Such as age limitations?

Are you covered for any pre-existing medical conditions?

What do you need to do to activate it

Understand any and all terms and conditions, be sure to read the fine print!

You will receive complimentary international travel insurance when you are approved for a credit limit of $6,000 or more on an Orange One credit card.

Instalment plans - are a handy feature to help you manage your finances. You can convert your flights, hotels or even your total card balance into instalments that you can pay back over time and at a lower interest rate. Depending on the amount, Orange One instalment plans can be from 3 months up to 7 years with a maximum of 10 plans per account. Conditions, fees and charges apply.

Pay with your phone. Because you're mobile, Orange One credit cards are too. Just set up Apple Pay or Google Pay to use Orange One with your compatible device when travelling.

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