Credit card instalment plans

Buy now, pay later at a lower interest rate.

Sometimes it would be nice to have more time to pay off those bigger expenses that come through. Some credit cards come with tools that allow you to pay off larger purchases over time using the setup of instalment plans. An instalment plan usually involves you splitting the cost of a purchase over multiple fixed repayment amounts (instalments).

Whether it's for retail purchases like appliances or furniture or anything else like school fees, medical expenses or emergencies, with the Orange One credit card you could repay your purchase over a time frame that suits you with an instalment plan and even at a lower interest rate than what you would normally pay on purchases at the standard variable interest rate.

With an Orange One credit card, if you need to make a big purchase and want a bit more time or flexibility to pay it off, you can convert any eligible purchase or balance of $250 or more into an instalment plan. You'll get the flexibility of paying back big purchases in manageable monthly repayments and at a lower % p.a. variable interest rate.

It's could be a great alternative to getting a small loan.


Instalment plans when you need it

Convert any eligible purchases or balances of $250+

Choose a plan term from 3 months up to 7 years (depending on the amount)

Have up to 10 active plans at any one time per account

No fees to set up, change your plan term or to pay it off early

Compare our Orange One credit cards and see which one if right for you.