Managing finances

Flexing your finances

Credit cards can be a great way to give your finances a bit of flexibility to help you do your thing. They can be handy tools to smooth out cashflow, unplanned expenses and help make budgeting easier.

But what is cashflow, why is it important and what can a credit card do to help?

The easiest way to think about cash flow is money that "flows" in like your pay and money that "flows" out like expenses or purchases. With a normal bank account you have to make sure more money flows in than flows out, the difference becomes your savings.

But sometimes the opposite occurs. Some weeks there are more expenses where your money flows out that your pay might cover. This is where credit cards can come in. Not only do they help you get visibility over your spending, but you also have revolving access to cash and can have flexibility with repayments - with instalment plans and interest free days. Remember though, credit cards are not a never ending source of cash, they generally come with high interest rates, an annual fee in some cases and they do need to be paid off on time to avoid increasing debts. Any default can impact your credit score too.

Check out some of the great features that can help you manage your everyday finances with an Orange One Low Rate credit card.

Short term financing with up to 45 days interest free on your purchases, when you pay the balance of your monthly statement in full (excluding instalment plans of course). It's ongoing finance that you can dip into whenever you need it and help ease the peaks and troughs of expenses while giving you some breathing space to repay.

Low % p.a. variable on purchases and cash advances when you have an outstanding balance. Minimum repayment amounts do apply to each monthly statement.

Instalment plans with rates of just % p.a. variable. Giving you more time and flexibility to make repayments over a time frame that suits you. Pay eligible amounts of $250 or more in fixed monthly instalments, making payments easy to manage. Instalment plans are available from 3 months up to 7 years, with a maximum of 10 plans per account. Conditions apply.

No annual fee. So it costs nothing to keep it in your back pocket. Other fees and charges may apply - see our rates and fee schedule to see all the fees that apply.

Rebated ING International Transaction Fees on online and overseas purchases when you deposit $1,000+ a month into your Orange Everyday transaction account each month and make 5+ eligible settled card purchases (not pending) every month.

Credit cards can also be a great tool to use to see all your purchases compiled onto one credit card statement, making it easier to keep track of your spend and make just the one repayment every month.

Looking for a Platinum credit card that gives you cash back on your spend and has great travel benefits? Check out Orange One Rewards Platinum. Or compare our Orange One credit cards and see which one if right for you.