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Home and Contents Insurance

Making a claim

What to do to lodge your claim

You can lodge your claim over the phone or online. Check our tips on what to expect during lodgement and with the excess payment.

Preparing to claim

Preparing to claim

You can lodge your claim at any stage however to help make the process run smoothly, having a few things ready upfront can help.

What you can have ready
When you submit your claim, you'll need to collect some information related to the incident. This doesn't have to be provided all at once but the more information you can share the better.

All the details related to the incident (including exactly what happened, the time, date and the place it happened)

Any photos or videos you have of the damage or loss

A police report if you have one (in cases of theft or malicious damage).

Once you've collected all of the relevant information, your next step is to decide how you want to make a claim. You can submit this with your claim online or over the phone. Rest assured whether you choose to claim online or over the phone, you'll be able to start your claim 24/7.

Providing proof when making a claim
Naturally, the damage and your loss will need to be assessed. You may be asked for evidence of ownership and the value of lost, stolen or contaminated items that can't be assessed. Don't worry, there are several ways you can provide evidence. This could include:

Purchase receipts


Credit card statements

Serial numbers

Owner's manuals

Guarantee or warranty certificates

Photos or videos of your item

Product packaging.

For convenience, you can email any documents supporting your claim to with only your claim number in the subject line.

Understanding your excess

Understanding your excess

When you make a claim, you will also be asked to make an excess payment.

What is an excess

An excess is the amount you pay towards each claim that's lodged and accepted by the insurer.

Who is responsible/liable for the excess

You as the policy holder will be responsible for paying the excess amount.

How much will the excess be

The excess amount will depend on the claim(s) you are making. If your loss or damage is the result of one event, and you're claiming for both home and contents, you'll only have to pay one basic excess, whichever is the higher of the two. In some instances, an additional excess will apply. Your excesses can be found on your Insurance Certificate.

When do I have to pay the excess

You’ll be asked to pay the excess before repairs and/or replacement of your home and/or contents is carried out.

Who will take care of my claim?

Who will take care of my claim?

ING have partnered with Auto and General Insurance Company to underwrite the ING Home and Contents products.

Auto & General Insurance Company is the underwriter for ING Home & Contents Insurance policies. They insure millions of Australians for general insurance products and have been operating since the year 2000. They are also regulated by APRA and are a member of the Insurance Council of Australia. Auto & General Services handle and manage the claims.

So when a Claims Specialist is assigned to your claim, you can trust you're in safe, experienced hands.

Lodging a claim can be stressful, but no matter how big or small the damage, your claims specialist from Auto & General is here to help. Throughout your claim they will:

Provide friendly and caring service

Act with honest and integrity

Provide you regular updates on the progress of your claim

Be transparent about what is and isn't covered

Be available to answer any questions you may have

Next step: Take a look at the process once you have submitted your claim.

You can start your claim now or call with any questions 24/7 on 1800 619 495.