First home buyers case study

Customer: Sharon

Type of loan: Mortgage Simplifier

Loan: $445,000

Deposit: $180,000

Sharon was a first Home buyer and a loyal customer of ING. She was looking to purchase her first home with the deposit she had saved in her Savings Maximiser account over the last few years. Sharon found her experience with ING's savings account to be simple and straight forward so when it came to looking for a mortgage she wanted the same ease and convenience.

As this was Sharon's first loan she wanted a loan that was simple to understand but also had a lot of flexibility. Sharon was expecting a bonus from work within the next 6 months and wanted to be able to put this into the mortgage to reduce her interest repayments.

The Mortgage Simplifier product had all the features to cater for her needs due to the low interest rate and the ability to make unlimited repayments at no extra cost. She also really liked the ability to withdraw any of her extra money if she wanted to go on a holiday.

As a first home buyer, ING was also able to assist with the processing of her first home buyers grant so that the funds were available on the day of settlement. Once she filled in the forms, her Home Loan Specialist was able to complete the processing of the application whilst keeping Sharon informed of the progress along the way. Sharon; being a professional was very busy and found the convenience of dealing with a Home Loan Specialist directly over the phone and via email was easy as she didn't have time to meet up with someone in person and could do it with minimal interruption to her busy schedule.

Sharon's loan only took 3 weeks to process from application to settlement which meant a hassle free mortgage in very short time allowing her to move into her new home sooner.

Sharon's story

"I had a Savings Maximiser and was pretty impressed with it. I knew they had home loans and had a chat with them. The Mortgage Simplifier was just as simple to understand as the Savings Maximiser. Lynda took me through every step of the process, which made it really easy. I felt confident about what they were presenting to me and understood everything they needed to complete. I didn't really need to do anything. I was happy with the loan, the service and the process."