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Getting to know ING joint bank account

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Published Mon 08 Jul 2024 • 2 min read

What is a joint account?

A joint account is a bank account with two account owners. You can apply for joint Savings Maximiser, Savings Accelerator, Personal Term Deposit and Orange Everyday accounts with us.

Joint bank account features

Money-talk inevitably pops up in long-term relationships. It can be anything from who’s paying for tonight’s takeaway through to saving for that dream home. That’s where opening a joint bank account could come in handy. Joint savings accounts can be used by couples to pool some or all of their finances into one location to help manage household spending or saving.

Joint bank accounts give their owners better visibility over household finances and could help you both reach your savings goals together. There’s also a time saving if your household finds itself often transferring money between separate accounts.

How to open an ING joint bank account

To apply online for a joint ING Savings Maximiser, Savings Accelerator, Personal Term Deposit or Orange Everyday, simply click on "open now" on the Savings Maximiser, Savings Accelerator, Personal Term Deposit or Orange Everyday page.

The Primary account holder will need to:

  • Select 'Joint' for application type
  • Complete their part of the application
  • Enter the name and email address of the secondary account holder or their client number if there an existing ING customer. This will generate an email to the secondary account holder with instructions on how to complete their part of the application.

The Secondary Account holder will need to:

  • Go to
  • Enter the joint account code they received in the email into the pop up box 'Invited to a joint account?'
  • Click 'Submit'
  • Then follow the steps to complete the application

Note - The secondary account holder has six weeks to RSVP to the email.

Please note a joint Savings Maximiser, Savings Accelerator or Personal Term Deposit must be linked to an existing joint bank account, held in the same names that appear in your application. If you wish to open an Orange Everyday account to link your savings account, you will need to start the Orange Everyday application first (in which you will be offered if you would like to open up a Savings Maximiser).

Already an ING Customer? You can download our app to start a joint Orange Everyday, Savings Maximiser or Personal Term Deposit application by selecting products. If you’d prefer to do it online or want to open a Savings Accelerator, simply log into the ING website using your client number and access code, then begin your application by going to 'Apply for products' choose an account and follow the prompts.

How to access your joint bank account

You can access your joint bank account by logging into the ING app or Online Banking.

Open your Orange Everyday in minutes.