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Living Super

Simple and online superannuation

A range of investment options for all stages of life.

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Simple retirement solutions for every lifestyle.

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Living Super

Simple and online super solution. For all stages of life.

A range of investment options available

Competitive investment and administration fees

Access to real-time online share trading

Automatic insurance cover provided for eligible super accounts

Pension and Transition to Retirement account options available for eligible customers to draw regular income

Self Managed Super Fund


A high variable interest rate on the cash component of your SMSF.

Maximise your super cash returns with no ING fees

Get secure 24/7 access to your cash via online, phone or mobile banking

SMSF Term Deposits

A high fixed interest rate on your SMSF Cash. You choose the timeframe.

Pay no ING fees, so every cent deposited is earning you interest

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Invest your Super in Shares, Property & Fixed Interest designed for medium to long term growth

Investment option
Risk label
Living Super: Balanced Option

62% consisting of growth assets such as Australian Shares, International Shares & Australian Listed Property

38% consisting of defensive assets such as Australian & International Fixed Interest and Cash to minimise risk

Risk label
very low medium very high
Safety of cash

Like the idea of a secure, safe investment? Cash and term deposits are very low risk investments - you put your money in, and watch your super savings grow.

Investment option
Risk label
Living Super: Cash and term deposits

Cash investments provide security of capital

Fix your term deposit from three months to two years

Risk label
very low medium very high
ASX share trading

Want to trade shares directly? Use our real-time online share trading platform to invest in S&P/ASX 300 shares and a range of Exchange Traded Products.

Investment option
Risk label
Living Super: Shares

Competitive brokerage from $20 per trade

Access to market research to help you better understand your investment options

Subscribe to premium research for greater market insights

Risk label
very low medium very high
Self-Managed Super

Got your own SMSF? Our cash and term deposit options can be bolted onto your super fund to give you a secure investment with high variable interest rates.

Investment option

SMSF Cash provides a high variable interest rate via our Business Optimiser account

SMSF Term Deposit provides a high fixed interest rate for fixed terms

Available to customers who already have a SMSF

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