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Changing your saving game.

Introducing IFTTT applets for everyday savings

Connect to IFTTT

A world that works for you

IFTTT (If This Then That) enables ING customers to connect many of their everyday apps like Facebook, Instagram or Gmail with their banking - creating innovative new ways to save.


Why connect with IFTTT?

  • What if every step led to savings?

    Link IFTTT to your eligible fitness app, and you can save money every time you hit your daily step or calorie goal.

  • Save every time you say the word

    Link IFTTT to Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can move your money to your savings with a simple voice command.

  • Give your savings a lift every time the mercury drops

    Link IFTTT to a weather forecast, and you start saving for your holiday every time the temperature drops.

  • Celebrate conquering that to-do list

    Link IFTTT to Apple reminders, and you boost your savings every time you check off a reminder on your Apple device.

New IFTTT + ING. Save on the fly.

How it works

How it works

Customers connect ING to the IFTTT app or website and select applets (rules) that trigger savings within their ING accounts.

1. Login to IFTTT

Create an IFTTT account through their website or mobile app.

Login to IFTTT

2. Connect Applets

Search for ING Australia, select one of our pre-built applets and connect your ING account to IFTTT.

3. Save

Every time a trigger occurs, funds will automatically be transferred from your Orange Everyday to your Savings Maximiser account.

New IFTTT + ING. Save on the fly.