Security glossary


Account aggregation

Some websites offer a service to automatically combine, or "aggregate" your financial information into one website. They do this by asking you for your customer number and access code, and using it to automatically log in to the ING website to obtain your account information.

Anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is designed to protect you and your computer against known viruses, worms and Trojans. Ensure that your software is configured to download updates regularly.


Fake websites

Often linked from hoax (phishing) emails, the purpose of fake websites is to obtain your login details to access your bank accounts. They can also be used to obtain other personal information which could be used for identity theft.


Software designed to protect your computer or network from unauthorised access, especially via the internet. It creates a security barrier between your computer and the Internet.


Hoax emails

Also called phishing emails, a number of customers from Australian financial institutions have been targeted with hoax emails that appear to be genuine bank emails. These emails usually claim to require your information and link to an authentic-looking, but fake website. They can also ask you to install software which often contains viruses or spyware.



A type of software used to repair or update existing software, patches are regularly distributed by operating system vendors such as Microsoft and Apple.


Phishing is a collective term describing the use of hoax emails and fake websites to deceptively obtain personal information to be used in identity theft.



Also known as "adware" or trojans, spyware is hidden software that collects and transmits user information via the internet to third-parties such as advertisers or hackers. Often the user is unaware that spyware is installed. You could become vulnerable to spyware if you click on unknown links in emails, download free games from sites you don't trust, or other software programs from unknown sources.



Viruses are malicious programs that can harm your computer or use your computer to harm another's computer or network.