Sustainability at ING

Committed to Sustainability

We’re committed to being a sustainability champion in banking

By finding new ways to do business - that care for planet and people as well as profit - we can help support a more sustainable future for our climate, customers and society too.

Climate action

Climate action

Society is transitioning to a low-carbon economy. So are our clients, and so is ING. We finance a lot of sustainable activities but we still finance more that aren't. So as well as reducing ING's contribution to climate change, we’re also working to understand the risks of climate change to ING.

Financing the change

We’re steering the most carbon-intensive parts of ING’s portfolio towards net zero by 2050.

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Tracking our progress

See our most recent climate report to check how we’re tracking against our climate targets.

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What we do and don't finance

Our financing and investment practices consider social, ethical and environmental criteria.

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Our own operations

We buy 100% renewable energy for our offices and compensate for remaining CO2 emissions.

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Financial health

Financial health

Money is one of the biggest challenges for many people and households worldwide. That’s why we invest in products, tools and education that foster a financially healthy society.

Australia's most recommended bank

Simple and fair products

Globally, we strive to assist customers of all abilities to access our online banking and apps.

Financial health

Save on the everyday

Innovative tools to help you save

Tools like ING Everyday Round Up could make it easier to save up money or pay down debt.

ING Everyday Round Up

ING Everyday Round Up for home loans

Support in times of financial stress

We can help customers in tight times with information, education and flexible options.

Financial support

Strong communities

Strong communities

One bank doesn’t have all the answers to the world's problems (but hey, we’re trying). So we also partner with other innovators to help deliver sustainable solutions.

Good Finds Market

We created Australia’s first online Saturday market for up-and-coming social enterprises in October 2022.

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R U OK? Conversation Partner

We’ve partnered with R U OK? to help more Australians #FriendBetter through conversation.

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IMPACT program

Our employee volunteering program supports those who preserve the planet and help people.

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ING Everyday Round Up to Charity

Round up your small change from eligible Orange Everyday purchases to help make a difference.

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Learn More

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Just like our business, we’re committed to being transparent in our sustainability efforts too. So if you’d like to take a deeper dive into what we’re doing, jump in.

Sustainability reports

Access our latest sustainability report, past reports, Modern Slavery Statement and more.

Read our latest Sustainability Report for 2023.

Previous sustainability reports can be found in the Documents and Forms section.

Read our 2023 Climate Report for ING Group.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement 2022.

Gender Pay Gap Statement for 2023

Our global approach to sustainability

Because ING is a global bank, we’re committed to taking a global approach to sustainability.

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