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Savings Plans

If you are serious about growing your savings, why not have the convenience of moving your money automatically to your Savings Maximiser with a one-off set-up? You can do this via:

Salary and direct crediting

You can deposit all or part of your salary straight into your Savings Maximiser each pay day. That way you'll make the most of your hard-earned cash by earning a high variable interest rate on it.

1. Decide how much you plan on saving from your salary each pay day

2. Provide your employer's pay office with your Savings Maximiser account number and ING's BSB (923-100) and your instructions of how much to credit

3. Payments are made automatically to your Savings Maximiser

You can also boost your savings by direct crediting dividends, tax refunds and other income, such as rent, straight into your Savings Maximiser.