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ING Car Loan

Experience a car buying service
that searches over 500 dealerships.

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ING Car Loan

ING has teamed up with the car experts at Macquarie Leasing to provide you with your own expert that talks 'Car', so you don't have to. Experience a personalised car loan and buyer service.


How can the ING Car Loan team help you?

  • No tricky negotiations
    No tricky negotiations

    Be confident you’re getting a great deal by letting your car expert negotiate on your behalf using their network of over 500 dealerships.

  • Keep your weekends free
    Keep your weekends free

    From the comfort of home you can arrange to source your car, organise a test drive at your work or home, and even have your car delivered to your door with a full tank of petrol when it’s ready.

  • Help choosing the right car
    Help choosing the right car

    Petrol or diesel? SUV or sedan? Better resale value? Get help from the experts to find the right car for your lifestyle and budget.

  • Find out more
    Find out more

    Whether you’ve already got your dream car in mind, or just starting to browse, find out more including how to get an online indicative quote from Macquarie Leasing, for an ING Car Loan, in just 60 seconds.

Find out more about an ING Car Loan.
The steps towards your new car

The steps towards your new car

1. Decide on your new car

You probably know what you want already. But if you're not quite sure, your car expert can help narrow down the search for your new vehicle.

2. Find out more

Start by finding out more about the ING Car Loan including how to get a tailored, indicative quote online in under 60 seconds, from Macquarie Leasing.

3. Experts find your car and negotiate the price

Once your purchase is finalised, your new car can be delivered to your front door complete with a full tank of fuel!

Find out more about an ING Car Loan.