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Who does Lifetime Health Cover apply to?

Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) is a government initiative that encourages people to get private Health Insurance earlier in life - from age 31 to be exact.

If you're an Australian resident, you have until 1 July following your 31st birthday to take out Hospital cover, otherwise a 2% LHC loading for every year you haven't held Hospital cover may be added to your premium once you take it out.

It can pay to get covered before you're 31

It can pay to get covered before you're 31

Once you have LHC applied to your Hospital premium, the loading will apply for 10 years of continuous Hospital cover.

For example, if you waited until 40 to get private Health Insurance you'll pay 20% more than someone on the same cover who joined before they were 31.

After 10 years of continuous Hospital cover, the LHC loading will stop on the 10-year anniversary date.

Look at how much more you'll pay if you take Hospital Cover later in life
More about LHC

More about LHC

If your situation changes so can the LHC

In case your circumstances change, the LHC lets you discontinue Hospital cover for a cumulative total of 1,094 days in your lifetime. After 1,094 days absence from Hospital cover, a 2% loading will be added to your premiums for every 365 days you don't have it.

If you temporarily suspend your cover, the period will not be deducted from the 1,094 days.

We'll get LHC deets when you join

If you're transferring from another health fund to ING Health Insurance your LHC details will be provided to us by your previous fund and applied to your new cover.

The LHC loading does not apply to the Health Insurance of those born before 1 July 1934.

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