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Age-based discounting

Who does age-based discounting apply to?

Age-based discounting is a government initiative introduced as part of the private health insurance reforms set out by the Australian Government in 2019 to encourage people to purchase private hospital cover earlier in life. Under 30s can be eligible for the discount. Age-based discounts are calculated as 2% for each year that a person is aged under 30 up to a maximum of 10% for 18 to 25-year-olds.

Save up 10% off your Hospital cover

Save up 10% off your Hospital cover

Check out the table below to see the discount that may be applied to your Hospital cover premium.

Applicable percentage discount

18-25 (inclusive)










*Age as at the Discount Assessment Date

The discount is based on your age on the Discount Assessment Date, which is generally 1 April or the date you first took out an eligible private Hospital cover following 1 April 2019.

It will apply to each person insured under the policy who, on the Discount Assessment Date are:

aged between 18 and 29 (inclusive)

not a student dependant, dependant child or adult dependant under the policy.

If the policyholder has a partner on the policy the total discount will be an average of the individual age-based discounts.

Start early and reap the rewards until you're 41

You'll keep your age-based discount until your 41st birthday unless:

you transfer to a policy that does not provide for the age-based discount to be retained, or

the discount is discontinued on the policy.

When you turn 41, the age-based discount will start reducing at the rate of 2% a year. Which means no age-based discounts will be available after the age of 45.

Bring your discount with you when you switch

If you're insured with another provider, you won't lose your discount when you switch to ING Health Insurance. We'll manage the process behind the scenes so you don't need to do a thing and verify your level of discount once we've received a clearance certificate from your old insurer.

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