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Get paid for paying your bills

1% cashback on eligible utilities

How'd you like 1% cashback on eligible utilities payments from 1 December 2021? See how to qualify below.


Less *ouch*, more *ka-ching*

With the average Aussie home spending around $5,000 a year on water, gas and electricity, every cent saved counts.1

To help, we're introducing a brand new banking benefit on Orange Everyday - 1% cashback on eligible utilities payments to help ease the *ouch* of utility bills!

Take a look at the eligibility criteria & approved provider list below.

1. ING Cost of Australian Household Utilities research, conducted by YouGov in July 2021

How it works

How to access 1% cashback

ING app on mobile devices

If you meet the eligibility criteria for Orange Everyday banking benefits in a calendar month, you could get 1% cashback on eligible gas, electricity and water bills paid from your Orange Everyday account using BPAY or Direct Debit (BSB and account number) in the next calendar month. The benefit is available up to $100 per account each financial year.

So if you don't already use BPAY or Direct Debit to pay bills, no sweat. Set it up now and you'll be on your way to access the new cashback benefit come 1 December 2021. Read the Everyday Benefits Schedule to see whether your utility bills will be eligible.


Just meet the monthly criteria

To enjoy Orange Everyday banking benefits, each calendar month all you need to do is:

deposit $1,000 or more from an external bank account into any personal ING account in your name (excluding Orange One, Personal Loans or Living Super), and

make 5 or more settled (not pending) eligible ING card purchases.

When you meet the criteria in a calendar month, the banking benefits will apply in the next calendar month.

There's 2 more banking benefits too

Meet the eligibility criteria every month and you can also get these banking benefits.

Up to 5 rebated ATM withdrawals a month per account. The first 5 times you are charged fees to withdraw cash at an ATM each month - here or overseas - we'll rebate it.

Unlimited ING International Transaction Fees. Get unlimited rebated ING International Transaction Fees on eligible online and overseas purchases with your Orange Everyday.

How to get cashback on eligible utility payments this December

Because 1% cashback starts 1 December 2021, you'll need to meet the eligibility criteria by the end of November 2021 to enjoy it and our other banking benefits in December