Now in person.

Meet Sarah, only at ING Lounge.
Likes - Surfing in summer
Dislikes - Long queues at the teller

ING Lounge

Visit us at ING Lounge at Margaret St in Sydney's CBD to talk money and get practical help on some of life's more complex financial decisions with ING customer care specialists like Sarah, Liam and Daniel.

ING Lounge
at 60 Margaret Street, Sydney

Everyone's welcome, from customers to the curious

9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

60 Margaret Street, Sydney

The brains trust at your service

We're here to help you make headway on everything from home loan money-savers to structuring your savings plans.

  • Sarah
    Customer Care Specialist

    Sorts out customer savings and saves like a champion. Ask her how.

  • Arjuna
    Customer Care Leader

    Here to answer your questions about banking and indie films.

  • Alison
    Customer Care Specialist

    Knows her way around everyday accounts and plays ultimate frisbee.

  • Daniel
    Customer Care Specialist

    Multi-skilled saver, home loan helping hand, self-taught musician.

  • Liam
    Home Loan Specialist

    Completely relatable dog person and dab hand at home loan applications.

  • Bella
    Customer Care Specialist

    Loves a chat. Over the moon to be working at ING Lounge.

  • Johnny
    Home Loan Specialist

    Loves the numbers. Happy to tackle all your questions.

  • Kirsti
    Customer Care Specialist

    Digital and mobile banking pro. Expert listener, too.

  • Ramya
    Customer Care Specialist

    Goes above and beyond. Proud Orange Everyday account-holder.

  • Nicholas
    Home Loan Specialist

    Holds everyday, savings and super accounts with ING. A home loan is up next.

Tools and help desk

You can enjoy a coffee and tap into ING WiFi to get your banking done securely, or use the Apple or Android devices at the Lounge Bar.

There's a digital coach on site for you too, ready to answer any questions you may have about banking online, the ING app, or how to make payments on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Money and more

While no money changes hands at ING Lounge, you can use our ATMs, open accounts and complete ID checks, meet with home loan specialists, collect and deposit cheques, and join us at customer and community events.