Investing in property case study

Customer: Suzana and Andrew

Type of loan: Investment loan

Loan: $223,000

Deposit: Existing investment loan

Suzana and Andrew were shopping around for a better deal on their mortgage. They wanted to refinance their mortgage in order to save some money. They found that ING had more competitive interest rates and a product that better suited their needs. Being an investment loan Suzana wanted to be able to do interest only repayments but still have the flexibility to pay more if they wanted to.

They saw a perfect investment property to add to their portfolio but didn't have the deposit needed to secure it. Their Home Loan Specialist was able to help them utilise the equity they had in their existing property and that meant they were able to purchase the property and didn't have to miss out on the great opportunity.

They opted for a fixed rate loan as they wanted the security of paying the same repayment amount every month using the rental income for most of the monthly repayment. Having a fixed loan met their needs as they wanted security in their investment and know that they could afford the monthly repayments.

Purchasing a new property can be a stressful process but thanks to the fast processing times and being kept in the loop by the Home Loan Specialist, they found the experience quick and relatively painless.

Suzana's story

"When I rang Lynda regarding a loan application, all my husband and I wanted to do was refinance the whole existing mortgage with a credit union. However, when dealing with Lynda she kept me engaged with the information I needed to know.

Due to Lynda's outstanding knowledge of INGS' products and services, she not only retained our one mortgage but actually converted me to take out the second mortgage for an investment property we were buying.

Lynda always kept us in the loop, delivered when she said would and advised what else was required before we could proceed. When she wasn't in the office, she handed over to another staff member who would follow through.

She even 'hurried' along the paperwork in order for us to gain pre-approval of a loan so that we didn't miss out on the property we had viewed earlier that week and for which we were applying for the additional loan."