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New Payments Platform

Introducing an easier way to pay (and be paid).

Real time payments and PayID coming soon

Get ready for real time payments

Forget your BSB and account number with Australia's New Payments Platform. You’ll soon be able to make and receive payments in real time using a PayID between participating financial institutions.


What’s to love about PayID

  • Less to remember

    No need to remember your BSB and account number, as real time payments are completed using a PayID linked to your banking details instead – something as simple as a mobile number or email.

  • Super speedy

    You’ll be able to make and receive payments in real time 24/7 between participating financial institutions, knowing your funds will generally be received almost immediately.

  • Detailed descriptions

    To help you keep better track of your money, payments can be sent with more detailed info – up to 280 characters. So they’re easier to manage and reconcile.

  • Secure

    We are working closely with other financial institutions to make sure the highest security and fraud prevention measures are in place. Monitored 24/7.

How to get ready

How to get ready

1. Update your details

It’s essential that your contact details are up to date, so be sure to check yours in online banking Settings > Personal > Contact details > Edit.

2. Pre-register in early 2018

We’ll be in touch with ING customers in early 2018 with an invitation to pre-register your mobile number, email, ABN or ACN for your PayID.

3. Start using PayID

Share your PayID with family, friends and business partners to start receiving real time payments between eligible accounts.


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