The place to be forward thinking

"Everyone here has the customer in mind"

Leandro - Delivery Lead

The place to be forward thinking

At ING we're all about staying one step ahead. It's what we want for our customers, and what we want for our business. So it only makes sense that we like to work with people who are also forward-thinkers - people who want to challenge themselves to achieve their full potential. Sound like you? Jump on. Your next career move could start right here.

What we're like

What we're like

We’re all about creating value for our customers, and we’re not afraid of disrupting the norm in the process. If you like the sound of that, you might just like it here.

You want to help people get ahead

Wondering what it’s like to work at ING? Everything we do is designed to make things better for our customers, and we work together to make it happen. We have big ambitions for the future, and know more is possible to achieve together than alone. We’ll give you freedom to connect, collaborate, and take the lead. To ask questions, challenge assumptions, put ideas into action, and own the results (the wins, as well as the learning’s).

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what a few of our people have to say:

What we look for

Our team is home to different people with diverse perspectives – and that’s just how we like it. That said, there are a few qualities that we look for in everyone we bring on board. We look for people who are curious and open-minded, who work with heart and imagination, and can think laterally putting themselves in our customers’ shoes.

To do our best as a team, we need people who ask questions and listen to the answers. People who keep their promises and stand up for what they believe in. People who aren’t content to settle, and who challenge themselves to keep learning and growing every single day.

How we bring out the best

We welcome people who are authentic, and never hide who they are. We’re more likely to respond to an idea with a ‘yes’ than a ‘no – and we give people plenty of scope to diversify their skills and explore new career paths across the bank (and even across the globe). Here, vision and curiosity are seen as strengths, and we love nothing more than seeing our people pursue their ambitions.

The Orange Code

The Orange Code

Our values really mean something here. It’s a way of working that sets us apart from the rest; an approach you can see and feel in action every day.

  • You take it on and make it happen
    You take responsibility

    for getting it done, for keeping your promises, for the consequences of your actions

    You delegate

    to motivate others, maintain momentum and create impact

    You ask

    actively for help and feedback. Your colleagues will help you succeed if you let them

    You speak up

    crediting good work and having the courage to confront poor performance

  • You help others to be successful
    You collaborate

    putting personal agendas aside to achieve the goals that matter to ING

    You listen

    investing in others, irrespective of status, background or opinion

    You contribute

    across business lines and bring in people from outside your area

    You trust

    the intention and expertise of others

  • You are always a step ahead
    You challenge

    conventions, complexity and your own assumptions, but only when you are prepared to be part of the solution

    You bring change

    adapting quickly when the situation calls for a new approach

    You invent and simplify

    if it doesnt work, you reinvent it. if it does work, you make it better

    You are courageous

    admitting and learning from mistakes by being open about them