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About us

Our approach to sustainability

At ING we recognise that financial services form the foundation of a healthy society and we have a role to play in shaping a positive future for Australia.

This role goes beyond delivering monetary returns - we have an opportunity to use our scale, reach and expertise to help our customers, our employees and the society in which we work prosper.

Our commitment to sustainability focuses on creating long-term value through balancing the social, environmental and economic aspects of our business and our progress is outlined in our annual sustainability report.


Sustainability is embedded in our corporate strategy. Our emphasis is on delivering what our customers truly value, being a top employer, achieving operational excellence and engaging with the broader community. Ultimately it is about playing our part in a better tomorrow and empowering people and communities to realise their own vision for what that future looks like.

ING has a Sustainability Council and Leadership Group to facilitate and evolve our sustainability approach, as well as help us prioritise opportunities to create positive change. This model involves representatives from across the business, including our CEO and members of the Executive Committee. We're focused on creating long term value, being a champion of financial wellbeing for our customers, employees and Australian communities, and embedding sustainability in everything we do at ING.

Helping our customers getting ahead

Our customers are the foundation of our business and we exist to help them get ahead. We focus on treating them fairly, doing business responsibly and always acting with transparency.

At ING, we want to make it easy for our customers to make the right financial decisions at every stage in life. We believe that by adopting a simple and straightforward approach to personal finances, and providing customers with the knowledge and resources to help them manage their money, we'll assist them toward increased financial wellbeing.

Being a top employer

Our people are fundamental to our long-term success as a business and we strive to foster a workplace that is inclusive, stimulating and engaging in order to attract and retain the best of the best.

With more than 1019 employees, our strong customer service focus is reflected in our workplace. It's exciting, challenging and continually evolving. As a business we like to do things differently and we encourage our staff to do the same.

At ING, we place a strong emphasis on facilitating and encouraging our employees to make a real and meaningful difference in the community. In addition to making an impact in the community, we see volunteering as a way to support our employees in a number of ways including team-building, professional development and extending professional networks.

To maximise both the community impact and the opportunities for development, we work together with our community partners to offer a suite of ways for our staff to engage in volunteering from team through to engaged and skilled volunteering roles.

Community impact

At ING we want to be an active participant in making a positive and meaningful impact in the community. We believe in supporting innovative projects that address real community needs and using our skills and expertise to benefit our community partners. We believe in this because we are part of the community in which our business operates and we know that there is much to be gained for both our business and the wider community from working together.

To help Australian communities get ahead, ING supports three key community partners:

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

The School for Social Entrepreneurs

United way

ING also leverages bold ideas for positive social change through our Dreamstarter initiative in partnership with StartSomeGood. Dreamstarter is our way of getting behind some of Australia's most inspired go-getters who are eager to make a positive change in Australian communities. It is an online initiative that uses the power of social media and collaboration to raise the profile of people with innovative ideas for social change. Through Dreamstarter ING provides seed funding towards selected projects or ideas that are also supported by the Australian community through crowd funding. It is a great way to get good ideas that make the world a better place off the ground.

Our environmental footprint

ING recognises our fundamental reliance as a society on our natural resources and environment. We are committed to being a business that embeds environmental responsibility into how we do business in order to continually improve our impact on the world around us.

Although ING Group is carbon neutral globally, the most important step to take locally to support our worldwide efforts is to minimise our carbon footprint and consumption as much as possible.

ING has committed to a number of principles and targets:

Reduce our carbon emissions by 15% by 2015

Reduce our paper usage by 30% by 2015

Create more awareness about being environmentally conscious and engaged