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Our people and culture

Experience a culture of energy and innovation

So what do people love about working for ING? Put simply, it's our award-winning culture. Without being entrenched in history or ruled by tradition, we've been able to build a vibrant workplace ourselves, from the ground up.

Our culture is both our foundation and our support system. It's what brings us together and sets us apart. And so as we grow, so does our culture - evolving to nurture and invigorate new and diverse people.

At ING we also believe in transparency. That means being open, honest and direct with all our customers and employees alike.

In keeping with our bold, corporate spirit, our workplace is physically inspiring and energetic. Our open-plan offices are fun, colourful and have plenty of natural light.

ING is fresh, innovative and different from the rest. Don't take our word for it, hear what our own people have to say.

Our values bring us together