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Application Tips

We believe in simplicity and being straightforward so that's what we're looking for in your application. Our recruiters have included some info on what to expect from the recruitment process, what they look for in a great resume and tips to help you through the interview process.

The road to joining our team

1. Hit apply then we'll take a look at your application and will be in touch no matter what the outcome.

2. Talk to us.. If your application is a match, one of our recruiters will be in touch for a quick chat to confirm your experience and give you the answers you may seek.

3. It's time to meet. Not only is this your chance to impress us but to make sure this is the place you want to work. There may be one or a few interviews in the process where you get to meet with a variety of stakeholders from our teams.

4. Checking time. Yes, we are a bank so there is an element of background checks to be completed before we can finalise anything. We need you to exercise your patience with us at this point as this step can drag out a bit. The good news is you will get the opportunity to know your recruiter a lot better as we will talk frequently!

5. Come and Join us! If we both agree it's a match this is it! Time for you to sign the dotted (virtual) line and come and join the team!

Resume - your career story

Give us the facts and make it easy. We want to get to know you and it makes sense to start with your current role and work backwards to the roles from your younger days. Give us what we need to know - company name, role title and the month and year you started and finished the role - you don't want to leave us guessing.

Keep it simple. Your resume should be no longer than a few pages with the most relevant work experience listed.

Be Bold! Along with your key areas of responsibility, also include your key achievements. Make them specific examples and more than your day-to-day functions.

Attention to detail. Triple check spelling, grammar and formatting - most roles have a strong emphasis on communication skills so you need to prove to us in your resume that you have this!

The Interview - your chance to shine

Do you know us? You should know who ING is, what we do and have an understanding our culture values - we live by them and recruit by them too! Find out what they are here.

Get organised... Make sure you know the role and job description and prepare by having relevant and specific examples in mind of your achievements to demonstrate your experience rather than saying what you 'would do'.

Dress to impress! We have a business casual dress policy here but turning up in shorts and a t-shirt is not the way to show you are serious about the opportunity!

On the day. Turn up 5-10 minutes early and turn off your phone.

Q&A time. Have questions ready to ask the interviewers and make them real and relevant. This is a two-way street and you need to walk out knowing if this is the role and company for you!